The Abundance Show / Plan B 

As such, Grönvall’s 'Peggy-Sue' is an it rather than a her/she. When appearing in live performances, photographs and video works, 'Peggy-Sue' is often dressed in red high-heeled shoes and a blouse, skirt and apron, all in pink. It is wearing heavy make-up and a wig with blonde, straight, shoulder-length hairs. Grönvall’s live performances are often enacted in close dialogue with Grönvall’s/its audiences.

Rather than a persona, Grönvall refers to 'Peggy-Sue' as surface for projections, aiming to make viewers aware of their own feelings or preconceptions.

/ Ellen Suneson

PhD, Art History, and Visual Studies

Thesis: 'Portraying Unease'

The presented elements include a song, a tarot reading of Abundance, lit candles, a mother of pearl seashell containing money, a drum session, and a chakra ritual. This piece was performed at Plan B in 2020. Film: Erik Schliemann.