Curriculim Vitae



'Happily Ever After', Malmö Art Museum, curators Julia Björnberg and Anna Johansson 2023


'Monumental Flock', Kommendanthuset, Malmö Art Museum 2022 and Verkstad konsthall, Norrköping 2021, curators Nina Jensen and Louise Johansson Waite


'What takes a hundred years to make? ' Skånes konstförening, curator Simona Dumitriu 2018


'20 år-20 konstnärer', Virserums konsthall 2018

'Parataxis', Galleri KRETS, curator Julia Björnberg 2017


'The Beginning is Always Today', Västerås konstmuseum and Sørlandets Kunstmuseum i Kristiansand, curators Karin Hindsbo and Else-Brit Kroneberg 2014


'Lips Painted Red', Trondheim konstmuseum, curator Pontus Kyander 2013


'The Real Thing', Malmö Art Museum, curators Greta Burman and Marika Reuterswärd 2008


 'Rethinking dissent', GIBCA, Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, curators Joa Ljungberg and Edi Muka 2007


'Att klä om', Ystad Art Museum 2007


'Summer of Love', Virserums Konsthall 2006


'Beyond Ornamentation' - MEO Contemporary Art Collection, Budapest (Hungary), curator Veronica Wiman 2004


'Parallel Realities', EWHA Women’s University, Seoul, (Korea), curator Pontus Kyander 2002




'Tacky, Tacky, so Tacky', CirkulationsCentralen, curator Melissa Hendersson 2014


'Again...Words will pass through our bodies and above our heads', Studio 44, Stockholm 2011 and KRETS , Malmö 2010, curators Julia Björnberg and Ellen Suneson


Magnus Åklundh Gallery 2004




'Studio Ceremony', Celsius Projects 2023


'The Abundance Show', Plan B 2020


'Seashell' at 'Contemprary Art in Bro' 2019


'#inredningochaffekt' at 'Parataxis', Galleri KRETS, curator Julia Björnberg 2017


'Anti Patriarchal Tour' at Malmö gallerinatt, Moderna Museet Malmö 2025, 2016


'Excitable Speech' at 'The Supersurrealism', Moderna Museet Malmö 2012


'Mr Meese und die leider aus dem Herzen #3' at 'The Body as Politics', Malmö Konsthall 2011


'SCUM return ticket' at Malmö gallerinatt, Konstfrämjandet Skåne 2009


'Mr Meese und die leider aus dem Herzen #2' at Copenhagen Alt Art Fair, Lilith Performance studio 2008


'Peggy-Sue Slide Show#3' at 'Friktioner', Uppsala Konstmuseum 2008


'Mr Meese und die leider aus dem Herzen #1', Lilith Performance Studio 2007


'Peggy-Sue Slide Show#2' at 'Beyond Ornamentation' - MEO Contemporary Art Collection, Budapest (Hungary) 2004


'I Wonder About', Kunstbanken, Hamar 2004


'Peggy-Sue Slide Show #I', Stockholm Art Fair 2004


'Peggy-Sue Coming to You #II' at 'Night Magazine', Malmö Konsthall 2003

'The Peggy-Sue & Co – Trailer Show Tour' at SCULPTURA 02, Falkenberg 2002


'Peggy-Sue Coming to You #I', Oslo Konsthall 2002


Malmö Art Museum, Museum Anna Nordlander, Ystad Art Museum and Region Skåne


'Banksy was here', temporary public art installation, redecoration of Karl X Gustav, Gustaf Adolfs Torg during Malmöfestivalen, commissioned by Skånes konstförening in 2014

Participatory project in the public sector (with Lisa Fjellman), commissioned by the City of Malmö  in collaboration with the home care services of the Western Inner City District Administration 2007

'Man Kan Amma', site-specific participatory work (with Lisa Fjellman), commissioned by the City of Ystad, Ystad Hospital 2007

Participatory art project at Ribersborg School in Malmö, commissioned by the City of Malmö 2006-2008

'Amongst Blondes', site-specific participatory work (with Morgan Schagerberg), with staff at the Arlöv laundry, commissioned by Konstfrämjandet Skåne 2004



Malmö Stad 2022, 2009

Nordisk kulturstöd 2011

Konstnärsnämnden - the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, working grant 2011, 2010, 2005

Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation  2007, 2002




'Holes Dug, Rocks Thrown', Line Skywalker Karlström, 'Making Failure of the The Artist, The Female* Body, The Art Work. A conversation with Jenny Grönvall', Line Skywalker Karlström and Jenny Grönvall, Archive Books 2022,

ISBN 978-3-948212-72-8


'Portraying Unease, The Art and politics of Uncomfortable Attachments', Ellen Suneson, 'Jenny Grönvall, The Map, Mr Meese und die leider aus dem Herzen #3', Makadam förlag 2022, ISBN 978-91-7061-391-3

Aluma Magazine, 2011 #7, Centerfold, ISSN: 16651-12122011


PAPI Tidskrift, 2011 #12-13, ISSN: 1654-60082011


#41 Pequod ISSN: 1102-64992007


Aluma, ISSN:16651-12122007


'Peggy-Sue's first Cook Book', (Publikation #90 (1-90) published by Rollon2003


#4 Bang ISSN: 1102-45932002


#10 Night Magazine, New York 2002



Founder, Artistic Director, Manager, and Curator of the Arts Biennale - Best Biennale, 2013 – 2021



Malmö Art Academy MFA 2002

Konstfack (Stockholm) BFA 1998