becoming ecru / Malmö Art Museum 

In Jenny Grönvall’s sculptures, installations and performances, the social and interpersonal are used as material to highlight and overturn affective connections. Grönvall addresses our need for belonging and how aesthetics are used in identity-creating processes and in relation to class. 'becoming ecru' is an installation and a performance where she, in a New Age transformative process, charges objects with energies and invokes higher powers to achieve, for example, wealth and abundance.

The work is a further extension of 'The Abundance Show' (2020) and shows how notions of taste and quality emerge and how we project happiness and unhappiness onto objects, surfaces, and colors. In previous work – 'Interior Design and Affect' (2017) – the audience was invited to the artists home for a display of her interior design and its connection to emotions and politics.

/ Julia Björnberg and Anna Johansson

  Malmö Art Museum

Curators of 'Happily Ever After'

Three performances take place alongside the installation throughout the exhibition: 'becoming ecru: First Phase and The Initiation,' 'becoming ecru: Second Phase and The Manifestation,' and 'becoming ecru: Third Phase and The Closure.' The piece is commissioned for 'Happily Ever After' by Malmö Art Museum 2023.